Direct container ship from Helsinki to Sweden opens up new business opportunities

The demand for Nurminen’s multimodal transport has been very high at the beginning of the year. And the transport capacity of existing shipping connections between Finland and Sweden has not met the need. For this reason, Nurminen has started to concentrate container traffic in the ports of Norrköping and Gävle and, together with his partner, has delivered the first direct container shipping to Gävle, Sweden. A regular extension of the direct connection is planned.

The direct container ship connection supports the growth of Asian train transportation and opens up new opportunities for the Asian-Swedish market with a fast transport time of only 20 hours from Helsinki to Gävle. Normally, maritime traffic through other European ports takes 7-10 days.

Inquiries: Marjut Linnajärvi, VP Sales, tel. +358 40 571 5034


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