Oiltanking is now Advario

Our member company Oiltanking launched last week a new company and brand name: Advario.

According their release: ” Carved out from Oiltanking, we are a new, leading global partner in liquid storage logistics, and are committed to taking up a front runner role in the energy transition by ensuring secure and sustainable storage infrastructure for sustainable liquids. Recognizing that the required systemic change of the energy sector can only be achieved through close partnerships with all players in the industry in which capabilities, opportunities and risks are shared, we place true, transformational partnerships at the forefront of our business strategy.

We are convinced that only through highly ambitious ESG standards we will achieve ‘better business’ for our partners, society and ourselves. Building on a strong legacy With a strategic global network of 13 terminals in Europe, China, Singapore, Middle East and the United States, and with a team of 1,200 highly skilled and motivated storage experts transferred from Oiltanking, we will continue our existing storage operations for the petrochemicals sector and focus on growing our business across three segments; chemicals, gas and increasingly new energies.

Brand new website and LinkedIn We have also launched our brand-new Advario website www.advario.com. Here you will find everything about our strategy, brand and mission, our sustainability promises and much more. Going forward we will also be communicating about our ambitions, achievements and partnerships through our new LinkedIn page. Make sure to follow our Advario LinkedIn for the latest updates.

Driving transformation together We have embarked on an exciting journey, and we are looking forward to drive transformation to better business together with you! By the end of the year, we will have rebranded the company to reflect the new name and brand, under the same legal entity. Therefore, no amendments to existing contracts are needed. We will reach out to you if there are any direct and relevant changes for our business with you. Our name change has no effect on our operations and services to you. We will continue to provide the same high standards of service, that you have always experienced with us.”

Jari Kokko Commercial Manager

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