Why finland

Business environment

The Finnish operating environment is stable and predictable. Finland is a member in European Union. Finland is the only Nordic country with Euro and has a low corporate tax rate, only 20 %. Therefore, many foreign companies have established operations in Finland for the long-term and enjoy high return on investment. With access to top high tech talent and a Silicon Valley inspired business culture, Finland is an R&D hotspot and a testing ground for companies looking for business transformation.

(more information www.businessfinland.fi)


Competitive workforce

The Finnish workforce is experienced and exceptionally well educated. Finns know global business and are used to working in a multicultural environment across different time zones in English. Over 90% of Finns under thirty speak English. In addition to Finnish language, Swedish is Finland’s second official language and many Finns also speak Russian.

We produce and develope first-rate logistics services for a wide variety of needs. We are driven by a strong sense of accountability in terms of the environment.

Our flexibility, experience and knowledge of handling different type of petrochemical products and clean petroleum products guarantee the most secure and reliable services to meet individual customer demands.

Reliable infrastructure

Practical Finns show a strong commitment to functional infrastructure. Finland was a forerunner in rolling out 3G networks, and has recently launched the most advanced 5G test network in the world. We also have some surprising infrastructure advantages, such as a stable rock-based ground formation and cool weather that are ideal elements for establishing data centres. In general, Finland is a country where everything works.


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