Transit trains are running as normal

At this moment sanctions don’t impact transit container trains in any way and all our trains are running as normal. For example, transit time with our trains from Chongqing to Helsinki from mid-Jan to the end of February was an average of 14,5 days, a minimum of 12 days, and a maximum of 15 days. In March, our trains from Chongqing depart every Thursday.

Kazakstan’s decision not to support Russia’s actions in Ukraine is also helping to keep the transit route outside of conflict as an environmentally friendly fast corridor between the EU and Asia.
We will continue to adapt to the situation to deliver your cargo safely. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

More information: Marjut Linnajärvi, VP Sales, Nurminen Logistics
+358 40 571 5034,


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